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Melodic Asian Chillhop

Yonikaii started to make music inspired by great artists like Tenno, Raimu, DaniSogen, JazzyCal and by the soft but yet very melodic Asian Chillhop

Yonikaii's music style has a more melodic and orchestral flavour than normal chillhop, aiming to share emotions and feelings from ancient but not so forgotten worlds. Diving in music to share emotions and images not only from the far-east vibes, history, myths and legends, but from the whole World

Latest Releases


The Legend of Raikai

Released on 10/09/2021

Seirei no Mori

Released on 29/10/2021



Yonikaii, Tenno, Raimu, DaniSogen, NOGYMX, Vindu, JazzyCal and many more on JP-LoFi, awesome Japanese Chillhop and LoFi collection

Cureated by Yonikaii


Submissions are free

This submission is meant for new and small artists, the tracks rotate periodically starting from the 11th place, first 10 tracks are my personal favourites.

I am quite picky with the selections, I only insert music I really like since I made this playlist for me in the first place!


Nature Asian Chillhop

A calming and chilling adventure in the nature guided by the great artists from the Asian chill music.
Let them carry you through a nature journey into the green lands!

Cureated by Yonikaii


David Frasheski
David Joseph

Thank you for passing by if you read here :)

If you are an artist and want to get in touch for using my music in your videos, a future collaboration, to submit your music to my playlists or simply to have a chat on why everyone is using Serum, why wasting time on mastering or why Beerus is a sphinx cat feel free to contact me via E-mail / SoundCloud / Instagram with the links below :)

Also if you want to support me even further check out Ko-Fi link down below or check my bandcamp page, I have some free tracks there you can download in high quality!

As of now my music is totally royalty free, so you can freely use it wherever you want! I'm currently working with some of my friends for sound design and composition for some thematic/cinematic stuff, will be soon available as a royalty free stuff aswell!